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Meet the "Minis" of Mini-Blessings

Little Bits 

Little Bits is the oldest miniature here at Mini-Blessings and was the "mini" that started it all! She is a 29.5" tall, black mare and was born in 1998, making her now 21 years old! She is quite the sweetheart and is affectionately known here at Mini-Blessings as "Bitsy". She has spent many of her days with the school kids, at the nursing home, and is even trained to pull a cart! Although these days she is happily enjoying retirement! Don't fret, you may still see her pulling the cart in a parade, and you can certainly show her some love if you come visit the farm!


Cody was the second miniature to join our little herd here at Mini-Blessings; adopted from Chance's Miniature Horse Rescue. He is a 35.5" tall, black gelding and was born in 2000. He is also known as "Co" and "Trouble". He is the little "big man" of the group, but shh, don't tell him he's little! He might not believe you anyway! Cody is trained to pull the cart and has been known to be seen prancing along in his little single cart, or occasionally, training with Aurora as part of a "mini" team.


Aurora was 3rd in company here at Mini-Blessings and was rescued from Wisconsin, also through Chance's Miniature Horse Rescue. She is a black mare and is our tallest "mini" at 38.5" tall. She is trained to pull the cart in single and also trained along with Cody as a "mini" team. Aurora is quite bubbly and mischievous, which lends itself to her nickname "Rorzy"! She is loveable and will keep you on your toes!


Corey is a paint gelding that was born in 2003. He is our smallest miniature at only 27.5" tall! He is the son of the movie star, Ragtime, having a leading role in the Hollywood film "The Adventures of Ragtime", co-staring with Shelly Long. After Ragtime's untimely death, Corey ended up at Longhope's Donkey Rescue. Being out of place at Longhope's, they made the decision to send Corey to join Mini-Blessings! Corey has become our Ambassador of Love and our little, lovable Eeyore! He visits the school kids, the library, the nursing homes and will even make private visits if it means spreading joy and healing!

Those who teach us the most about humanity aren't always human.

Donald Hicks


Lily is Mini-Blessings blue-eyed beauty and a very special girl! She is paint mare that was born on Easter day in the year 2008! She is 37.5" tall and the mother of one of our other miniatures, Messi! She also goes by "Lily Pad" and "Lily Love". One little secret...she has no problem eating from her son's dinner plate! Hehe! 


Messi is the son of fellow miniature horse Lily! He was born on April 17, 2012, is a paint gelding, and is 34" tall. The family that donated Lily and Messi, adopted a son from Ethiopia in 2011. When Messi was born on the boy's birthday, he named him after his favorite soccer player, Lionel Messi. He is extremely sweet, lovable and won't turn down attention!

Little G

Say hello to Mini-Blessings little Elvis! Little G is a 35" tall, sorrel gelding and has become best buds with his fellow miniature Cody. He has been a primary EAA (equine-assisted activities) horse, as of late, as he is excellent with "mirroring" activities. He is especially good as working with young boys! Little G loves attention and is a super sweet guy! However, if you ever need to win his heart, you can do it through his stomach, as he sure does love his dinner!

Lady Bug

Lady Bug is the most recent addition to Mini-Blessings, adopted in honor of the late "Squizit". She is 25+ years old, 13.2 hands high, and is a white standard mare. She is a wonderful beginner horse as she is calm, gentle and dependable. She is the "big sister" on the farm and a blessing of medium proportion!

Squizit (aka Squizy, Squiz, Exquisite) 

Squizit was a lovely, older Arabian mare, born in 1988. She was a gentle, healing soul for all that had the pleasure of interacting with her while she was here at Mini-Blessings. She was a dependable, gentle, and understanding friend.

R.I.P. Dear will be sorely missed.

1988 - 2018

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