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As a volunteer at Mini Blessings I saw something wondrous and magical the other day. A group of special needs children visited Mini Blessings. One child was having a bit of a "down day" and laid down on one of the benches. As the other horses were interacting with the children, Corey (the smallest, sweetest and most loving mini horse) approached the child. He gently laid his muzzle on the child's back and then began to slowly rub his face along the child's back as if he were trying to give a loving hug, horsey style. The child laid there quietly and then slowly gave a little smile. Now you need to know that Corey had kind of a rough start to his life before he came to Mini Blessings. He knows how it feels to not fit in sometimes....I guess he also knows how to soothe someone who might be feeling the same way... Thank you Corey.

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