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Our Programs

*All of our programs, both on and off site are FREE.*

Equine Assisted Learning and Activities (EALA)

  • Leading, grooming, exercising and understanding horses to create a bonding and healing experience with the animal.

Cart Driving

  • Learn to drive a miniature drawn cart on our four acres. Participation in EALA is required prior to cart driving.

Specialized Programs and Community Outreach

  • Pre-K through Older Adult programs are offered to schools and organzations in Chaffee and Park Counties. We work with each organization to adapt the program to meet the needs of the participants, including those with special needs.

  • Our "minis" can travel to elder care facilities as well as private in-home visits for homebound and hopice patients. They also visit libraries and participate in community events.

Therapeutic Options

  • Health and Wellness professionals are encouraged to incorporate EALA into their treatment with clients and patients. They do not need need previous training with horses as our volunteers monitor the needs of the horses.

Community Service and Restorative Justice

  • Opportunity for youth and adults to fulfill court-ordered community service hours. This work may include working with the horses, special farm projects and general maintenance. Mini-Blessings reserves the right to decline requests for the safety of the team, volunteers and participants.

Therapy Outreach

  • Visitors are welcome to the farm to meet the minis, however we request that an appointment be made in advance. 

  • Volunteers are the life-blood of Mini-Blessings, and we can always use more volunteers. Volunteers have opportunities to work with the horses, participants, and there is nothing quite as meditative as caring for the horses. 

It is funny that we call them 'Mini-Blessings', for in fact they are GREAT-BIG-HEAVENLY-BLESSINGS for all the love and joy that they bring to the Columbine residents...

Angela Marinucci

Former Recreation Assitant

Columbine Manor Care Center, Salida

To Schedule a visit or more about Community Service. Contact Crissey at 

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