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Our Programs

*All of our programs, both on and off site are FREE.*

Equine Assisted Learning and Activities

This includes leading, grooming, exercising, and learning to care for and understand the horses. This creates a bonding experience with the horses, allowing our visitors to benefit from their healing effects. Participation in this program is required before participating in cart driving, or therapeutic riding with a licensed therapist.

Cart Driving

A great way to develop motor skills, eye-hand coordination, and self-confidence by learning to drive a miniature drawn cart. Cart driving can be done with, or without the assistance of another individual to help monitor the pace of the horse, depending on level of experience.

School Programs

Mini-Blessings has partnered with the Buena Vista School District, including Chaffee County High School, offering Pre-K, elementary level, and mentoring programs. These programs are for students with all different needs, but can benefit from equine assisted learning and activities. Our programs are open and available for adaptation to all school districts within in the region. We are more than happy to accommodate children that are home schooled as well, and can tailor a program around the needs of any child.

Community Service Projects

Volunteers/groups are always needed for special projects around the farm; including trail maintenance, planting of the Sensory Garden, large farm projects, special events, etc.

Restorative Justice

Mini-Blessings Farm provides great opportunities for youth to work with their hands, challenge their cognitive abilities and work with horses, while meeting court ordered community service requirements.

Therapy Outreach

Mini-Blessings is always looking to connect with psychiatrists, PTs, OTs, SLPs, and other health professionals that would like to explore/use Mini-Blessings as a beneficial part of their treatment plans. If you are a health professional and would like to explore this option, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Elder Care

Our miniatures love to take trips to the elder care facilities to visit residents! We are also more than happy to accommodate private in-home visits for home bound and hospice patients. We will come to anyone that wishes to receive a visit from one of our wonderful, big-hearted in spirit, but “mini” in size horses.


Our miniatures have visited libraries, schools, and other community facilities and functions. We love to be involved and show our support of community events! You may see our miniatures in a parade, or out and about on Gold Rush Days! Keep your eyes peeled!

It is funny that we call them 'Mini-Blessings', for in fact they are GREAT-BIG-HEAVENLY-BLESSINGS for all the love and joy that they bring to the Columbine residents...

Angela Marinucci

Former Recreation Assitant

Columbine Manor Care Center, Salida

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