Making Friends - Mending Hearts

Meet Our Volunteers

Andrew and his aunt Linda help out twice a week by getting hay down, cleaning, grooming, walking Squiz and whatever else needs to be done.  Linda stated that she was worried about Andrew spending so much time inside.  She asked Andrew what he would like to get involved in and he immediately responded Mini Blessings!!  Andrew saw the horses every time he and Linda drove to town.  Andrew and Squiz have a strong bond and he enjoys spending time with her.  Andrew shows up no matter what the weather and has become a very important part of Mini Blessings.  Thank you Andrew and Linda for all you do!

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Judy has been helping out with our school program since last spring.  Judy read about Mini Blessings in the paper prior to moving to Buena Vista.  Judy worked with children in a school setting for many years.  That along with her life long love for horses sent her our way!  Judy is very dedicated, showing up to assist with 8 separate sessions a week!  We wouldn't be able to do it without her, thank you Judy!!

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