Making Friends - Mending Hearts

The Healing Power of a Horse

Here at Mini-Blessings Farm our sincere desire is to share the healing power of our horses; with the old - the young, the big - the small, the physically challenged - anyone with a need of mending.  As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization operating in Chaffee County, we at Mini-Blessings Farm are providing equine guided interactions and equine assisted learning to the Central Colorado region. Our miniature horses, a mobile herd of seven, and our full-size horse are always eager and ready to go to work

Since beginning our operations in 2008, the minis have visited elementary schools, made presentations at Summer Library Programs, and made regular visits to various elder care and other  facilities in Salida and Leadville. Visitors to our on-site facility have a chance to lead and brush the horses in a supervised environment, lead minis through an agility course, drive mini-drawn carts, and just relax and enjoy the serenity of the quarter-mile Mini-Trail. We have been blessed to have our kind spirited horses work with a number of special needs children and their physical or occupational therapists; the results have been miraculous.  We are also working with the Buena Vista School District and Boys and Girls Clubs offering equine assisted learning with elementary and middle school students.  We are fortunate to have high school students from Chaffee County High School mentor the younger students.

It has been an inspiration and a joy for us to have witnessed these magical interactions between people of all ages and our precious horses. We also have a wonderful sensory garden which is particularly beneficial to those with autism. We are expanding our outreach to the community, working with many different types of therapists in our region, and actively seeking more opportunities to engage with our community.

Our desire is to increase public awareness of the healing power of these beautiful animals.  We wish to extend an open invitation to anyone who would like to come and visit our facility and to meet the horses and staff here at Mini-Blessings Farm. We are always in need of volunteers.  We also need help getting the word out about this special herd and all they can do. Our goals and dreams are "mini".

Our Story

Crissey Smith and Susan Shampine are the co-founders of Mini-Blessings. Both of us share a life-long love of horses and were brought together by the shared compassion of horses and a desire to enrich our community through the power of equine healing. We have been truly blessed! Early in Crissey's adult life, she saw first-hand how the love and companionship of a horse made a positive impact on her autistic daughter. Through this experience, Crissey developed a strong desire to bring a similar experience to others who were hurting or struggling. She bought her first mini - Little Bits - in 2005 upon "doctor's orders" to help her deal with all the stresses in her life. She soon found that Little Bits longed for equine company and turned to Chance's Miniature Horse Rescue and adopted Cody, a mini black gelding. With her herd slowly growing, Crissey began participating in community events to share these lovely horses with the local community... Susan's first word had been a version of "horsey" --- in her young mouth it came out "corkey!"... It wasn't until college that she had her first horse. From there, she spent time raising and training Quarter Horses, but circumstances forced her to become horseless for 13 years. Following retirement, she moved to Buena Vista in 2007 and met Crissey and her two minis. It didn't take long for Susan to be infected with Crissey's enthusiasm for these little horses. Before long, Susan adopted a mini of her own - Aurora.
Today, the herd of minis at Mini-Blessings has grown to include Corey, their "big brother" Riley, a little gem of an Arabian mare, Exquisite Too (Squizit), and the newest addition, Messi and Lily. You can visit the herd in their home and share in the beauty and spirit of these animals.