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The Healing Power of a Horse

Here at Mini-Blessings Farm it is our sincere desire to share the healing power of horses; with the old, the young, the big, the small, and most importantly with anyone in need of healing. As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, operating in Chaffee County, Mini-Blessings provides equine guided interactions and equine assisted learning to those within the Central Colorado region. With a herd of seven miniature horses and one full size standard horse, we are always willing and eager to help the healing begin!

Since our inception in November of 2009, the miniature horses have visited elementary schools, participated in presentations at summer library programs, made regular visits to various elder care facilities, as well as visited other facilities around Salida and Leadville. Visitors to our on site facility have a chance to participate in equine guided interactions and equine assisted learning within a supervised environment. They can correspond with the horses by leading, brushing, going through an agility course, driving miniature-drawn carts, or enjoying the serenity of the quarter-mile "Mini-Trail". Mini-Blessings has been blessed to have such kind spirited horses to work with a number of special needs children and their physical, or occupational therapists. The results have been miraculous and feed our mission! We have also been working with the Buena Vista School District and the Boys and Girls Club, offering equine assisted learning to elementary and middle school students; and are now happy to announce a new program for preschoolers as well. We have been very fortunate to have high school students from Chaffee County High School serve as mentors for the younger students visiting Mini-Blessings.

The horse knows...He knows if you know...He also knows if you don't know.

Ray Hunt

It has been an inspiration and a joy for us here at Mini-Blessings to have witnessed and been apart of these magical interactions between these precious horses and people of all ages. We are expanding our outreach to the community, working with many different types of therapists in our region, and actively seeking more opportunities to engage with our community in order to make these experiences more readily available for those whom may benefit from such healing and activities.

Our continued desire is to increase public awareness of the healing power of these "mini, yet mighty" and beautiful animals. We welcome any and all who would like to come and visit our facility and meet the horses and staff here at Mini-Blessings Farm. We are also always in need of volunteers and spreading the word about the healing power of this special, little herd, and all that they can do!

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